The Middle School-Kindergarten connection was created to partner middle school students with kindergarten students. This activity that takes place on most Friday afternoons helps our middle school students build confidence in reading. It also improves the listening and comprehension skills of the kindergarten students. This partnership also works as a reward for the middle school students. Student readers are chosen based on performance, and must earn 10 LION dollars to read. If middle school students earn 15 LION dollars, they can then choose to teach a mini-lesson (number line, spelling) to the kindergarteners, first graders, or second graders. This partnership allows our middle school students to set an example for our younger students by showing what good readers do, and how older students should conduct themselves. By teaching the lessons, it gives students a chance to see what it’s like to plan, organize, and teach!

Here are some quotes from middle school students over the years as to why they enjoy reading to younger students:

  • “The teachers and the students are very nice.”

  • “I get to see my little brother/sister/cousin and it’s fun.”

  • “It’s nice to read to younger generations.”

  • “I was so scared at first to read in front of a big group but now I want to do this again.”

  • “Now I can see what I’d like to do probably when I get older – I’d like to teach.”

  • “This gave me a chance to be myself with the little kids.”

Here are some quotes from Adventure Hall students over the years as to why they enjoy having the older readers over:

  • “When are you all coming back?”

  • “I like having (name of student) read to us –he/she was funny!”

  • “Can I read now to the class?”