The Positive Behavior Support Program has been put in place to prevent disruption of the education process. It teaches and encourages pro-social skills and behaviors, uses scientifically-based behavior and academic interventions and support, provides rewards and incentives for positive behavior, and offers support for students whose behaviors require more specialized assistance.

Chester Community Charter School also offers a more intensive program for students who have been identified as having emotional and/or behavioral needs, and exhibit behaviors that impede their learning or the learning of others. The Team’s Approach to Achieving Academic Success (TAAAS) program is a school based model that offers these students academic, therapeutic, and behavioral supports within a small group setting. All students who participate in the TAAAS program work on a point and level system that is employed to track behavior and enhance academic performance. This system is used to encourage students to accept responsibilities required for success through self-monitoring, developing self control and making good decisions. The point and level system provides a positive, rather than punitive approach to school discipline. This system also provides a foundation for clarifying the rules and expectations we have for our students.

The TAAAS program incorporates five key goals that have been adopted from several well recognized programs and can be applied across all academic settings. These goals are a proactive effort to prevent serious behavior problems in the educational environment. By applying these goals across all academic settings, we have clearly defined the expectations of our students throughout the school day. As a positive approach tool for developing appropriate behaviors, the point and level system is only effective with proper feedback to the students. Students receive routine, consistent feedback regarding their progress towards goals through the use of a daily point sheet. The focus of the feedback is on specific behaviors of concern and ways to develop more appropriate and functional behaviors. Overall, the TAAAS program is designed to reduce inappropriate behavior, teach appropriate replacement behaviors, increase students’ self-monitoring and self-control, improve socialization skills, increase attendance and improve academic performance.